Iskar Fangrin

Deathwatch Scout (in active duty)


Wounds – 23
Movement – 5 / 10 / 15 / 30
Fate points – 3
Insanity points – 10
Corruption points – 13

Weapon Skill – 40
Ballistic Skill – 42
Strength – 44
Toughness – 45
Agility – 52
Intelligence – 42
Perception – 58
Will Power – 37
Fellowship – 39

Talents & traits:

Astartes Weapon Training
Bulging Biceps
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight, Smell)
Killing Strike
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
True Grit
Unarmed Master
Unnatural Strength (x2)
Unnatural Toughness (x2)
Patient Hunter
Swift Attack
Solo mode: Wolf Senses
Squad mode (attack): Tooth and Nail (page 222, Core Rulebook)
Squad mode (defense): Pack Tactics (page 225, Core Rulebook)


Past event – Last of the Pack

You were part of a small force dispatched to the Jericho Reach to maintain the Space Wolves presence in the region. You have fought in many great battles in every war zone, against Tau, Traitor and Tyranid. But it was during a battle against Chaos that disaster struck, and your entire squad was cut off, surrounded and overrun.

Though you fought until your bolter ran dry of ammunition and your chainsword was clogged with heretic gore, you were struck down, and when you awoke, you could only think of revenge.

Upon learning that your pack mates had all fallen and you were the only survivor, you decided to strike at the heart of corruption in the Jericho Reach – The Hadex Anomaly.

Though you may never again know the joy of battle alongside fellow Sons of Russ, you will never forget your pack-brothers, and never rest until Chaos and all other threats you find along the way are destroyed.

Chapter demeanour – Sons of Russ

The Battle-Brothers of the Space Wolves are ferocious and aggressive warriors. Though far from mindless berserkers, they are certainly possessed of a feral exuberance for battle.

They have an overriding sense of duty and honour, and are driven ever onwards by a strong desire to right the many wrongs that have befallen the Imperium of Man since the heady days of the Great Crusade. Space Wolves exhibit a fierce sense of loyalty to their comrades in arms and this is on occasion extended to their compatriots in other branches of the Imperium’s military.

Although as devoted to the Emperor as any other Space Marine Chapter, the Space Wolves express their faith not in prayer and piety, but in feats of arms. While the Battle-Brothers of other Chapters may spend the night before battle in solemn meditation, the Space Wolves are more likely to mark the eve of battle in bawdy celebration, raising overflowing jacks of Fenrisian ale to brothers they may be mourning once battle is done.

A Space Wolf will drink and make merry, for tomorrow, he may die.

In temperament, most Space Wolves are blunt and plain speaking, even to the point of giving offence to those not used to their ways. They abhor pretension and despise politicking. They are honest to a fault, and expect the same quality in those they fight alongside. Space Wolves embrace their lot with an uncomplicated enthusiasm, from the
headstrong, newly recruited Blood Claw to the grey haired and taciturn Long Fang. Each plays the role fate lays before him, knowing that a life spent in service to the Emperor is a life well lived.

In the face of an enemy attack, the warrior bounds forward like a Fenrisian wolf on the hunt, a joyous song of war on his lips.

Personal demeanour – Stoic

No test of endurance is too much for this Space Marine.

Power armour history – Gauntlets of Xirion

This suit’s armoured gloves have been replaced with a unique pair of Mk4 gauntlets (with AP
7). They are said to have been worn by one of the Space Marines in the army that fought furthest away from Terra than any other in history—the ultimate reach of the Imperium, now long lost to aliens and warp storms.

There is some disagreement among the Adeptus Astartes as to which Legion actually holds this honour, but it is good-natured for the most part. Regardless, the wearer is filled with all the potential and valour of the Imperium Maxima.

He gains a +10 Weapon Skill bonus, plus a +5 Fellowship bonus when dealing with anyone loyal to the Imperium of Man.

Power armour history – Blood of a Battle-Brother

The blood of a squad-mate is upon this suit of power armour. Its wearer was standing
side by side with his comrade, but failed to save him. Perhaps there was nothing to be done, or perhaps the wearer was negligent, distracted by his zeal for battle. Whatever the truth, the suit and its latest wearer make every effort to atone.

Add 1 to the Kill-team’s base Cohesion.

Iskar Fangrin

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