Deathwatch Librarian (Killed in action)


Wounds – 23
Movement – 5 / 10 / 15 / 30
Fate points – 0
Insanity points – 10
Corruption points – 11

Weapon Skill – 58 +5 (63)
Ballistic Skill – 46 (41 with helmet on)
Strength – 50 + 20 (70)
Toughness – 40
Agility – 41
Intelligence – 49
Perception – 52
Will Power – 64
Fellowship – 42

Talents & traits:

Astartes Weapon Training
Bulging Biceps
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Killing Strike
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
True Grit
Unarmed Master
Unnatural Strength (x2)
Unnatural Toughness (x2)
Hunter of Aliens
Solo mode: Stoic Defense (page 216, Core Rulebook)
Squad mode (attack): Sustained Supression (page 222, Core Rulebook)
Squad mode (defense): Immovable Defense (page 225, Core Rulebook)


Past event – Preserved the secrets

Your unquestioning loyalty has been proven in the trials of combat when you were part of a mission of utmost importance, purging heretical records forged by those who would spread vicious lies about the Dark Angels. What secrets you destroyed are a mystery even to you and will remain so for all time.

Chapter demeanour – Sons of the Lion

Although only the upper echelons of the Chapter are aware of the awful truth of the Dark Angels’ past, even those newly recruited are possessed of a secretive, even introverted nature. The idea that outsiders are not to be trusted is drilled into the recruits from an early stage, and they are tested continuously to ensure their compliance until it becomes second nature.

After all, a brother who cannot be entirely trusted to keep the Chapter’s secrets is unlikely to advance through its ranks.

Although the Dark Angels have fought beside all of the branches of the Imperium’s vast military machine, they prefer to stand beside other Space Marines. Many, even brother Astartes, find the Dark Angels aloof and uncommunicative. The Dark Angels, for their part are impatient and unforgiving with strangers who pry into their affairs. In truth, those Dark
Angels who are aware of the existence of the Fallen are ever watchful for any sign of their activity, and will abandon whatever mission they are about should they gain any clue that one is nearby. In theory, even a Dark Angel seconded to the Deathwatch could go “off mission” in this manner, although the annals of Watch Fortress Erioch do not relate any such incident taking place.

The Dark Angels are also notoriously intolerant of non-humans and will often refuse to fight alongside armies that include abhuman warriors or alien races. They are highly suspicious of outsiders and often appear unreasonably aloof and intransigent. Indeed, there have been a number of occasions where Dark Angels have withdrawn suddenly and with no
explanation from a warzone when confronted by an Inquisitor or missionary.

Despite such incidents, many Dark Angels have served with distinction and honour in the Deathwatch. Their taciturn nature and stubborn refusal to accept anything other than total victory over their foes has served the Deathwatch well, and several noted Watch Commanders are drawn from the Chapter. These keep in close contact with one another, coordinating the efforts of the Deathwatch across entire sectors of the Imperium.

Personal demeanour – Studious

The Space Marine values lore and learning, preferring to think his way through a problem.

Power armour history – Thine arm be the scourge of the impure

The spirit of this armour has been honed by its long years of service into a truly potent adversary. It has been upgraded with numerous enhancements for the sole purpose of bringing ruination to the enemies of Man in glorious close combat.

Wearers claim that it knows how and when they are going to strike, and come to trust it as innately as any other brother in arms. Such a suit grants the wearer +5 WS. However, its long range targeting systems are difficult and temperamental. When wearing the suit’s helmet, BS tests suffer a –5 penalty.

Battle traumas

Endless Redemption

Some Battle-Brothers feel the weight of the Imperium on their shoulders and consider themselves solely responsible for the preservation and protection of the Emperor’s domain.

This is where the lines of duty and fanaticism can become blurred, and the reality of battle becomes mired in the individual’s personal zeal. This is known as the endless redemption, a sin of duty carried by the Battle-Brother that can never be repaid regardless of the amount of glory or blood laid at its feet.

The Battle-Brother is driven by duty and must not fail at all costs. When undertaking a Mission, he must attempt to complete (or push his Kill-team to complete) all Objectives regardless of cost and danger. In extreme circumstances the GM may allow the character a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test to resist this duty and retreat if attempting an Objective
would mean almost certain death.


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