Deathwatch - The Jericho Crusade

The Emperor Protects
The Price of Hubris / Aurum (Haistand)

The Battle-Brothers made way into the city Haistand through the snaking ascent shortly after landing at the city's makeshift landing pad and proceeded to get a lay of the city without further ado.

When looking at ancient depictions on the walls of an equally old religious site, they noticed various similarities with the story of the Emperor of Mankind and thus confirming that the people of Aurum had once been part of the Imperium of Man.

It was also at that moment that Brother Kirik helped a Father Marius preach to some locals that were being less than friendly.

Father Marius then put the Battle-Brothers up to speed with the planet's status and the latest occurrences (the Imperium of Man wants to bring Aurum back into the fold in a peaceful manner, the Auran people value only Strength, Diaz Lan tried to bring Aurum back into the fold via diplomacy and martial prowess but failed, an Astra Militarum contingent was eventually allowed to stay within the confines of the city and create an outpost called Aspirance, their leader was also eventually killed after the settlement of a dispute with a local, murders were happening for both locals and the Imperium of Man personnel, Sister Rachayel had apparently killed herself and no one was ever allowed to leave the city of Haistand).

While Father Marius was showing the Battle-Brothers around the city, Brother Azazel stood behind in the Mission and got access to the blade to which the Sister Hospitaller Rachayel had apparently impaled herself with. Brother Azazel then proceeded to taste some blood remnants and got a vision of Sister Rachayel killing herself but definitely no while at a city (somewhere outside).

The Battle-Brothers then reunited and met with the leader of the Aurans, "The Caele" Rylus Darkscourge who seemed to know more than he was letting on and insisted that the Battle-Brothers partake on an ancient tradition called "The Divested Hunt" in order to prove their strength to the Aurans (which the Battle-Brothers reluctantly accepted since they would have to part with their sacred power armors and weapons during that same trial).

Before embarking in "The Divested Hunt", the Battle-Brothers noticed the smell of Promethium in the air and confirmed indeed that there was heavy smoke coming from the West and that mysterious small convoys left to the North in the middle of the night through one of the city's back gates but the Battle-Brothers decided to comply with the rules set out by "The Caele" and they didn't leave the city.


The Emperor Protects
The Price of Hubris / Briefing & Voyage

After the events that transpired on the world of Avalos, the Kill-Team returned to Watch-Fortress Erioch in order to be debriefed by the Chamber of Vigilance.

After said debriefing, Deathwatch Assault Marine Kyvax Varn was found guilty of using alien technology and was immediately removed from the Kill-Team with his fate unknown to the rest of the Deathwatch brothers.

Furthermore, Deathwatch Apothecary Galmech was required under a different theater of operations within the Jericho Crusade due to the scarcity of Apothecaries.

Both the aforementioned events invariably led to the fracture of the Kill-Team and forced the creation of a new Kill-Team (Excelsior) to be assembled under the watchful guidance of Deathwatch Captain Elias, formerly of the Ultramarines.

Shortly after the acquisition of two new Deathwatch initiates (Brother Kirik and Brother Azazel), Kill-Team Excelsior was petitioned for help by Rogue Trader Diaz Lan, who was presently nominated as the Crusade liaison.

He pleaded his case to the Deathwatch (after he failed the task himself), which was to seek their help in bringing planet Aurum back into the Imperium of Man's fold.

Aurum was classified as a Feral World that once belonged to the Imperium of Man before Mankind lost contact with the Jericho Reach. However and in the current era, they are akin to a pseudo-Barbaric civilization that respects only strength.

Following the briefing about the current events transpiring in Aurum, the Battle Brothers accepted the mission and commenced their journey from Watch-Fortress Erioch to Aurum.

During the voyage (which lasted roughly a month due to the "Horizon's Pride" having to make a detour as to avoid the "Hadex Anomaly"), Brother Azazel spent a considerable amount of time in the company of Diaz Lan and studying his library (and later on, discovering from Diaz Lan that he held a variety of artifacts and forbidden literature), Brother Kavar helped prove the innocence of Kohl Bennex (a crew member of the "Horizon's Pride" that was now imprisoned with murder charges after killing Enginseer Kreth)  and Brother Kirik spent his time mostly being vigilant.

After Kohl Bennex had his name cleared, a number of corrupted servitors showed their true colors and tried to kill anyone in their path. With the Deathwatch Brothers springing into action, the threat was quickly contained (shortly after being revealed that the corrupted servitors had been under the care of Enginseer Kreth).

With no further significant events happening onboard the "Horizon's Pride", Kill-Team Excelsior made planet fall on Aurum.




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