Shieldmaster of Haistand (Alive)


Zayr is the Shieldmaster of Haistand, tasked with maintaining a standing body of warriors to defend the city.

The Aurans have few laws. Most disputes are settled between individuals (often violently) with the Caele’s word superseding all. In times of peace, their daily duties mainly entail protecting the Caele and carrying out his orders.

However, Zayr and his men occasionally intervene to deal with truly dangerous or deviant individuals. In recent years a new punishment for Aurum’s criminals has been devised—a secret labour necessary for the planet’s survival.

Zayr knows the truth behind the killings, and believes acutely that the shame belongs to the Auran people. He also knows that Rylus wishes to keep the matter quiet. Therefore, both his orders and his conscience both incline him to block the newcomers from learning the shame of Grensvayl, and to resent them for prying.


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