Sister Rachayel

Sister Hospitaller (Dead)


Father Marius found Sister Rachayel’s body in the mission (Word of Faith), by an altar to Saint Dominica with her own dagger through her chest (the body has since been returned to her order for final rites).

The locals were eager to call it a suicide due to a weak spirit.

Rachayel bore great suspicion towards the faithless of Aurum. Towards the end of her life, she had begun to suspect that they were hiding a dark secret. She confided to Father Marius that she sometimes saw flames dancing on the western horizon and small convoys of men setting out from Haistand through its back gates in the dead of night—always heading north.

Rachael thought the recent deaths were the work of a daemon, and spent many nights searching for it. Marius was not sure whether he believed her assertion or not, but he couldn’t deny that she must have encountered something dreadful during the midnight hunts.

He does not believe she would have been so cowardly as to kill herself, even in the face
of a daemon.

Father Marius knew that she ranged at least to the cliffs beneath Haistand and the surrounding lands, but says she was sometimes gone days at a time, so her search may have extended further.

By ingesting blood remnants on Sister Rachayel’s murder weapon, Brother Azazel had a vision of her impaling herself but the scenery around her implied that it was not while she was at any city or village.

Sister Rachayel

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