Rylus Darkscourge

"The Caele" of Aurum (Alive)


Rylus Darkscourge has been the Caele of Aurum since it was discovered by the Crusade
nearly three decades ago. He is tall and powerfully built even for an Auran—standing
almost as tall as a Space Marine.

His long black hair contains several small braids, but is unadorned except for the polished bone circlet on his brow. Like all of Aurum’s leaders, his right to rule did not come through birth, but through victory in combat.

Rylus is a charismatic speaker and a strong warrior.

At the Imperium’s first contact, he realised his people’s way of life would never be the same, by the mere fact that they were no longer alone. Since that time he has meticulously gathered lore and stories of the planets and politics beyond his world, making him far savvier about the Imperium than most of his people.

He drew quite a grim conclusion from the stories of traders and from reading between
the lines of history books. He is certain that if the Crusade was allowed to absorb Aurum, the Imperium would ruthlessly exploit both its people and its resources, leaving Aurum far less than it was.

This was not an easy decision for Rylus to reach. As he learned of the galaxy, he came to understand its many threats and knows that the Imperium may be man’s best defence. The message of the watching Emperor of Mankind and a humanity united rings true with him.

However, he is the proud king of a proud people.

Submitting the golden planet to rule by a cruel and unworthy dictator is a shame he
cannot allow.

Rylus has heard legends of the honour and valour of the Adeptus Astartes. Because their Chapters exist outside the normal confines of the Imperium, they might be able to provide him an unbiased warrior’s view on how to deal with the Imperium’s hunger for his world.

They are also the first members of the Imperium he believes might be able to win respect in the eyes of his people. If they could prove themselves the equal of Auran warriors, he would finally have an off-world ally to help him understand and purge the Malissectors.

Rylus Darkscourge

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