Kohl Bennex

Horizon's Pride crew member (Alive)


Kohl Bennex’s term of service aboard Lan’s ship was almost short lived.

He stod accused of slaying an Enginseer in the servitor bay and while Diaz Lan would be well within his rights to execute Bennex, he opted to hold him until he could rendezvous with representatives of the Adeptus Mechanicus and turn the criminal over.

Bennex had good reason to fear the Machine Cult’s justice, and as such he took the opportunity to convince Brother Kavar Oriatus to plead his case.

According to Bennex, he did kill Enginseer Kreth, but it was in self defence. The young crewman encountered a scullion servitor behaving erratically and repeating nonsense phrases.

He brought it to the Enginseer for examination and when he explained the situation, Kreth suddenly attempted to impale him with his utility mechadrendite. Bennex managed to dodge the strike, and in a panic, knocked the tech-adept into an open vat of caustic engine waste.

Thankfully, Brother Kavar Oriatus investigated the situation and managed to clear his name since Enginseer Kreth was indeed a pawn of Chaos that was corrupting the “Horizon’s Pride” servitors with warp-tainted components.

Kohl Bennex

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