Deathwatch Devastator Marine (missing in action)


Wounds – 22
Movement – 5 / 10 / 15 / 30
Fate points – 4

Weapon Skill – 45
Ballistic Skill – 54
Strength – 40 + 20 (60)
Toughness – 42
Agility – 46
Intelligence – 41
Perception – 41
Will Power – 48
Fellowship – 40 (20 with humans)

Talents & traits:

Astartes Weapon Training
Bulging Biceps
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Killing Strike
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
True Grit
Unarmed Master
Unnatural Strength (x2)
Unnatural Toughness (x2)
Unrelenting Devastation
Mighty Shot
Stalwart Defense
Hip Shooting
Born in the Saddle
Talented (drive (Space Marine Bike))
Berserk Charge
Solo mode: As Swift as the Wind (page 31, First Founding)
Squad mode (attack): Swift Assault (page 32, First Founding)
Squad mode (defense): Sudden Withdrawal (page 32, First Founding)


Past event – The Hunt

You served in the third Brotherhood under the Master of the Hunt, and fought in his
decade-long campaign to slay the Eldar Pirate Lord Varaliel.

The battles between Xenos Corsairs and White Scars forces were brief, bloody and exceedingly swift, a string of lightning raids across two dozen worlds before the Eldar were finally defeated. Though you lost many brothers to the deceitful Eldar, the swiftness and savagery of the conflict honed your skills and drew the attentions of the Deathwatch to you.

Chapter demeanour – Son of the Steppes

Some have made the error of assuming the savage sons of the wild steppes to be crude in manners or unsophisticated in temperament, but this perception could not be further from the truth (and voicing it would be unwise in any case).

White Scars Battle-Brothers are complex individuals, and the product of a heady cocktail of their environment, tribal tradition and Adeptus Astartes doctrine, training and genetic engineering. Many regard the trappings of civilisation with a measure of suspicion. They would far prefer to commit the wisdom of the ancients to mighty stone tablets than
within crystal data-stacks for example. Many of the teachings of the Primarch are set down in this way, the permanence of marble far outweighing the convenience of mass storage. When confined for long periods in an entirely artificial environment, many White Scars become short tempered.

The older and more experienced, however, have mastered themselves to such a degree that they can enter a restorative trance and meditate for days on end on the wildness of Chogoris and emerge at peace once more.

In character, the White Scars display a finely balanced mix of wildness and discipline. They are often dour, even severe, and suffer fools with poor grace, yet they are supremely honourable and have a highly developed sense of justice and tradition.

Once at ease, a White Scars Battle-Brother reveals himself to be capable of humour and kindness. They are thorough and considered in planning any deed, and when the time comes to unleash the fires of battle they do so with savage abandon.

At some point in his life, every White Scar must face and master the full implications of his own power. The wildness within, when combined with the potency granted by the Space Marines’ genetically enhanced physiology is a fearsome weapon indeed, and one that can be as harmful to the subject as to his enemies. Each time he draws upon his ferocity in
the heat of battle, the White Scar takes a step closer to the precipice, beyond which lies the damnation of blood lust and killing for the sheer sake of it.

Worse, the line is invisible until almost crossed, and so the Battle-Brother must exercise prodigious willpower not to exceed it inadvertently. While the vast majority recognise the line when finally it becomes visible and in so doing gain unprecedented mastery of themselves, some do not.

Of these, the White Scars never speak, and their names are hewn from the tablets for all time. It is one of the tasks of the White Scars Librarians, whom the Chapter calls Stormseers, to guide the Battle-Brothers in this journey, whatever its destination.

Personal demeanour – Proud

Dignity and honour are important to this Space Marine.

Power armour history – Bring death from afar

Borne into service amidst great sieges, this armour has become accustomed to the arduous
duty of brandishing heavy weapons.

Whether it is the continuous impacts that come with keeping a heavy bolter steadily firing on target, or the raw power required to withstand the ferocious effect of firing a plasma cannon, this armour never fails under stress.

While wearing this armour, the wearer never suffers any penalties for moving and firing with a pistol or basic-class weapon on semi or fully automatic fire (see pages 239 and 242, Core Rulebook).

Additionally, the wearer may count any heavy weapon he wields as a basic weapon for the purposes of moving and firing on semi or fully-automatic fire.

Battle traumas

Righteous contempt

While Space Marines begin their life as men, the implantation of their Chapter’s gene-seed shapes their flesh and mind into something far greater and in the end no longer entirely human.

All Battle-Brothers accept this superiority as part of reaching their pinnacle as a warrior and serving the Emperor, but for some it can make them scornful or dismissive of “lesser” beings.

The Battle-Brother has no time for those not of the Adeptus Astartes and has, to a degree, lost touch with his humanity. When dealing with humans (i.e. those not of the Adeptus Astartes) the character’s Fellowship is lowered by –20.


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