Inner circle of "The Caele" (Dead)


Karthas served for many years as one of Grensvayl’s perimeter guards. Two years ago, he suffered a serious bite wound from a Malissector, and still bears the scars on his shoulder.

He returned home to Haistand to heal. After he recovered, instead of going back, he took up responsibility for the labour camp that supplies promethium to the quarantined town.

The guards use it to maintain a great perimeter of fire around the tainted valley. He and Zayr are co-conspirators. Zayr is in charge of judging and detaining true criminals, while Karthas transports them and safeguards the secrecy of their location.

The true situation was more dire than even Caele Rylus could imagine. Karthas was infected by the Genestealer’s Kiss in Grensvayl. His play for oversight of the well was quite deliberate.

Over time he persuaded Rylus to let him lead a sortie into the town to attempt cleansing it.

This slaughter was nothing but a ruse. He led his entire party into an ambush, and used the confusion to help the Broodlord and several of its kin escape.

The black depths of the labour camp provided an ideal place for the brood to breed and grow. So in the wells built to keep the Malissectors contained, their numbers grow.

Rylus kept Karthas close since he was one of the few privy to the secret of the Malissectors
and when he was not at the well, Karthas was frequently as the Caele’s homestead. He was among the handful of warriors selected to guard and council the Auran leader, that is, until the Battle-Brothers figured out that he was infected.

His death came in the form of Alkedre Firestalker, who decapitated him with her great sword after she learned that he was a betrayer.


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