Captain Diaz Lan

Rogue Trader (Alive)


Diaz Lan is a member of the Lan Rogue Trader Dynasty, which sent many vessels through with the Achilus Crusade.

A far better diplomat than the Crusade’s busy Lord Militant, Diaz Lan was nominated to the position of Crusade liaison, and is often the voice of requests from the Crusade and Lord Militant Tetrarchus himself.

If any of the Battle-Brothers have served long terms in the Deathwatch, they will probably have had prior encounters with Lan.

An explorer by heart, he has had to content that wanderlust for many decades by gathering the second-hand tales and trophies of others.

The small museum in his library is but the tip of an iceberg. He has secreted away dozens of artefacts, weapons, and documents that would raise many eyebrows if they came to light.

While Lan’s status as a Rogue Trader affords him a great deal of leeway in his possessions and interests, the Crusade’s forces contain enough steadfast puritans that discretion is in his best interests.

Brother Azazel made a friend in Diaz Lan as they both shared their passion for knowledge with one another during the “Horizon’s Pride” voyage to Aurum.

This last event also led Diaz Lan to disclose to Brother Azazel that he was an avid collector of Xenos artifacts (something that usually he keeps as a secret).

Captain Diaz Lan

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