Archibal Heth

Brigadier Archibal Heth (Alive)


He is also a passenger on the “Horizon’s Pride”, bound for Aurum and bears a purpose similar to the Battle-Brothers.

Heth recently inherited the unenviable post of Ambassador-Militant to Aurum and this tasks him with both commanding the tiny force of Imperial troops permitted in Haistand and—the reason for sending a senior officer—continuing negotiations with the natives.

Heth is greatly relieved that the Deathwatch agreed to involve themselves on the planet. As a veteran of the Acheros salient, he has seen the might of the Adeptus Astartes firsthand.

The Brigadier’s face is lined from the strain of the war with Chaos, and he wears a monocle.

While he has never been to Aurum, Heth has detailed intelligence from the Crusade’s long history with the planet.

Archibal Heth

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