Alkedre Firestalker

"Sinsar" of Aurum (Alive)


Alkedre is Rylus’s Sinsar, his second in command. While Auran leadership does not have a formal line of succession, the role of Sinsar assures that the combat trials used to choose
a new Caele can at least be postponed if the current leader dies in wartime.

Alkedre comes from a distant tribe in the foothills, where Rylus recruited her. She carries a giant two-handed sword and wears bright red armour; more of the same creature’s scales hang in her blond hair.

Unlike Rylus, Alkedre would welcome an alliance with the Imperium. She sees it as an opportunity to improve Auran technology while allowing her people to see other stars
and learn the battle techniques of other cultures.

She voices this opinion quite frequently. However, the Sinsar has great respect for Rylus and while she has no qualms arguing about his decision whenever the opportunity presents itself, she accepts his leadership without bitterness.

Valuing each other’s strength, Alkedre and Brother Kavar had a passionate night together after they found comfort in each other’s arms amidst all the chaos and death.

Alkedre Firestalker

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