Deathwatch - The Jericho Crusade

The Emperor Protects

The Price of Hubris / Aurum (Grensvayl)

Returning to Grensvayl, the Kill-Team saw a lodge that was separated from the rest of the village by a river and decided to investigate it first since no enemies were detected (at least outside).

Upon entering the structure, the Battle-Brothers were quickly greeted by the ivory blades of 3 Auran villagers that had barricaded themselves on the lodge (one was a bald man with small black eyes (Gorus), the second was a leathery old woman (Srena) and the third was a little more than a boy (Jaff) – around the age that the Adeptus Astartes choose their recruits, all looking gaunt and malnourished.

Freezing with indecision, they glanced at one another but didn't lower their weapons. With the woman accusing "what new beast is this?" and the bald man pointing a lean finger at the Adeptus Astartes while proclaiming "it's a trick! Malissectors are hiding inside those statues!", the Kill-Team quickly assured them that they were the only help that they were getting.

Exchanging situation updates, the Battle-Brothers came to realize that apparently they were the only survivors of an incursion led by none other than Karthas (one of The Caele's inner circle), however, it seemed that he Karthas had just waltzed out of the situation while the Aurans were being slaughtered by the Malissectors – did Karthas bring lambs to the slaughter on purpose or had he just managed to narrowly escape the onslaught when the situation was untennable? 

Unwilling to risk having an infiltrator in Haistand and wanting to bring the 3 survivors back to safety, the Battle-Brothers communicated ahead to Haistand about the situation and made way to the capital of Aurum.



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