Deathwatch - The Jericho Crusade

The Emperor Protects

The Price of Hubris / Aurum (The crimson feast)

With Kavar making a miraculous recovery, all the Battle-Brothers reunited in Haistand in order to attend one last tradition as per request of The Caele, Rylus Darkscourge.

Before the victory celebration, surrendered in utter gratitude and accepting whatever outcome the Battle-Brothers may deem appropriate, The Caele tried to convince the Battle-Brothers one last time as to let Aurum follow its own course even if that meant death in battle against any of the numerous threats in the universe for that would mean that the Aurans would remain true to their traditions and not just be another cog in the grand and merciless machine that is the Imperium of Man.

After much debate and pondering, The Caele accepted Brother Kavar's arguments and proclaimed the (long overdue) return of Aurum to the Imperium of Man.

After a parade and a speech by Rylus Darkscourge to which the Aurum populace was cheering to, the Battle-Brothers made way to the Hall of Victory alongside with other important personnel (Brigadier Heth, Diaz Lan, Father Marius, Rylus Darkscourge, Alkedre Firestalker, the 3 survivors from Grensvayl, other Auran great warriors, etc.).

The Kill-Team was spread among different tables as to strike conversation with multiple personalities but it was then that tragedy struck; vicious promethium-covered Genestealers invaded the Hall of Victory without mercy and this time being led by a Broodlord.

Several fights broke out with the Kill-Team doing everything in their power to avert the threat – including Brother Azazel noticing that 2 of the 3 Grensvayl survivors (Gorus and Srena) were pretending to fight as to maintain the charade that they were infected.

As the Kill-Team managed to kill the Genestealers without any important casualties from their side, the time had some to face the monstrous Broodlord.

In an epic fight in which Azazel had his powers nullified for several hours due to exertion, Kirik grabbed his Chainsword and vowed to protect his Battle-Brothers under a defensive style.

In the meantime, Kavar took it to himself to pick-up Kirik's discarded heavy bolter and started firing Hellfire rounds into the dreaded Broodlord resulting in victory when one of the aforementioned rounds struck the monster's head, splitting it open.

The day was saved, reinforcements arrived from Watch Fortress Erioch some weeks later (including an Apothecary) and Aurum was back into the fold.

The Battle-Brothers then proceeded to say farewell and returned to Watch Fortress Erioch without further delay.

The de-briefing followed and Brother Azazel recommended Jaff for recruitment into the Dark Angels chapter.



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