Deathwatch - The Jericho Crusade

The Emperor Protects

The Price of Hubris / Aurum (Haistand purge)

With the allied forces in stand-by, the Kill-Team proceeded as planned and dropped in the center of the village, fearing nothing. However, they were quickly swarmed by the terrible beasts from all sides.

In a raw display of power, Battle-Brothers Azazel and Kirik proved their efficiency in fighting hordes by unleashing deadly psychic flames and heavy bolter barrages, respectively. But when the initial carnage settled, the few remaining beasts focused their vicious melee attacks on Brother Kavar, as if they knew that the squad leader had to fall first in an effort to disrupt the Kill-Team.

Their bladed arms found purchase on Kavar and quickly reduced him to a grotesque mix of rent power armor and torn/bloodied flesh as he fell inanimate. 

His brothers, filled with righteous fury, quickly ended the threat but not before horrible psychic phenomena came to be as a result of Brother Azazel's psychic exertions. This phenomena barely affected the Battle-Brothers but it had terrible consequences for the Humans lying in wait on the perimeter.

Both Aurans and Astra Militarum personnel started fighting each other, voluntarily walked into the blazing perimeter or just went completely mad amidst the images of cackling daemons.

This overall carnage coupled with the fact that Kavar was on his death bed, led Kirik to harbor a deep hate for Humans in general as he felt that they should have acted (even if they were waiting for the Adeptus Astartes' orders as planned).  

With the threat on Grensvayl seemingly thwarted and the tensions under control by the efforts of Brigadier Heth and Rylus Darkscourge, Azazel and Kirik med-evac'ed Kavar by shuttle to the Horizon's Pride (due to the severity of Kavar's wounds), with Azazel dropping out in Haistand as to ensure the success of their original goal.



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