Deathwatch - The Jericho Crusade

The Emperor Protects

The Price of Hubris / The Divested Hunt

Stripped of their armor and weapons, the Battle-Brothers were escorted to the Reaving Canyons by Haistand's denizens.

With Rylus Darkscourge wishing the Kill-Team luck, they chose some local (and mostly primitive) weapons and commenced their trial (which was killing the infamous Diablodon and bring back proof of the deed).

Without their armors on, the Kill-Team relied on stealth and the high golden grass in order to bypass the Theratryx nesting grounds, a tactic that proved successful.

On the far end of the Theratryx nesting grounds, the Battle-Brothers came upon a Western and an Eastern path to which they decided to continue to the East. 

This led to a gnarled tunnel full of roots that the Kill-Team had to cut their way through, which in turn led to a cave-in that separated the team and forced Kirik & Azazel to back track to the Western passage while Kavar proceeded on the Eastern one.

Kirik and Azazel then continued to climb to an open plateau while under the ravenous gaze of winged reptiles but they never dared to attack since their prey were not comprised of a weak and/or single target. By then, Kirik and Azazel could already overlook the broiling and red Deadlands hundreds of meters below…

In the meantime, Brother Kavar was already in the Deadlands and was quickly greeted by the hostile environment/oppressive heat but it wouldn't find any purchase as Kavar felt right at home and it was also at this moment that Brothers Kirik and Azazel made their climb down and liaised with Kavar.

Among the thick fumes and midasaurs silhouettes, they found some peculiar tracks leading to a huge and cavernous lair… They had found their target.

As they drew closer to the lair, the stench, bones and fresh carcasses made it apparent that the Diablodon was in attendance and so an ambush was prepared just outside the entrance of the cave.

The scarlet monster was then lured to the outside but despite the ambush, the Battle-Brothers had met their match.

Without having their blessed armors by their side and relying mostly on primitive weapons in order to attack the beast, the Kill-Team engaged the creature successively but the weapons proved mostly ineffective as they were barely wounding their target.

Realizing that no one in Aurum expressively forbade the use of psychic powers, Brother Azazel pushed his powers to the limit time after time, creating a spectacle of flame and lightning that was surely damaging the Diablodon heavily.

Facing this elemental threat, the Diablodon attacked Azazel with his bite and took a good chunk of his torso. His undoing? Not being able to kill the Battle-Brother since he would exact terrible vengeance on the creature by literally frying it with lightning.

Taking the head of the beast and some of its fiery red scales, the weary warriors then emerged victorious from the canyons and were cheered by the Aurans that were awaiting them.

The journey back to Haistand was underway…



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